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Tear troughs, often known as under-eye hollows or dark circles, are depressions or grooves that develop beneath the eyes, extending from the inner corners towards the lower eyelids. These natural anatomical features play a vital role in defining the transition between the lower eyelids and the cheeks. While tear troughs are a normal aspect of facial structure, they can become more prominent due to factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle.


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Treatment Prices

£450 for 1ml or £650 for 2mls

How many sessions are needed?

1 treatment session

How long does it take?

15 minutes

What is the recovery time?

2 - 4 weeks

How long do results last?

Up to a yar

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Dr Ahmed builds relationships with his patients to further his philosophy of patient centred care. Beginning his medical career in clinical research, with a focus on patient safety, Dr Ahmed then spent time as a doctor in a hospital setting. His keen interest in safety led him to focus on alternative, non-surgical methods of reaching patients’ aesthetic goals—methods that required less downtime and far less risk to the patient.


Today, Dr Ahmed runs The Aesthetics Clinic across three locations throughout the U.K, London, Leeds and Manchester, and maintains a list of high-profile clientele.


With passion and dedication, The Aesthetics Clinic provides high end aesthetics procedures that are non-surgical and non-invasive. Dr Ahmed gives a lot of power to his clients, making sure that they remain at the heart of the decision-making process. His unrivalled attention to detail has amounted to a legion of hundreds of thousands of loyal clients who happily share their experiences.

Dr Ahmeds Aesthetic Clinic in Leeds

Nestled in the heart of Leeds, the aesthetics doctor’s clinic exudes an air of sophistication and tranquillity, offering a haven for those seeking refined beauty treatments. Situated strategically, the clinic’s location becomes even more enticing as it is merely a 45-minute drive away from the historic city of York. The journey from York to Leeds unveils picturesque landscapes, making the drive a seamless blend of convenience and scenic beauty. 


Patients from York can embark on a short and delightful journey to indulge in the expert care and aesthetic services provided by the clinic, enjoying the proximity of accessible luxury amid the vibrant atmosphere of Leeds. This close connection between the two cities makes the clinic an appealing destination for those who prioritise both quality care and a seamless travel experience.

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Tear trough fillers can be a life-changing treatment to immediately improve the appearance of your skin and give you back all the confidence you need to feel beautiful.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we have already performed thousands of injectable procedures, and Dr Ahmed is constantly revolutionising and changing the beauty industry.


We pride ourselves on patient care and experience and we are always happy to welcome our patients to our clinics in London, Leeds, and Cheshire.


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What do Tear Troughs treat?

As individuals age, the skin undergoes changes in collagen and elasticity, leading to a hollow or sunken appearance in the under-eye area. Genetics also contribute by influencing the thickness of the skin and the presence of fat pads around the eyes, impacting the visibility of tear troughs. Lifestyle factors like insufficient sleep, dehydration, and excessive sun exposure can further intensify the appearance of dark circles, making tear troughs more noticeable.


Many individuals turn to cosmetic interventions, including dermal fillers, to address tear trough concerns and revitalise the under-eye area. These procedures aim to replenish volume, create smoother contours, and diminish the appearance of shadows, resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful look. A comprehensive understanding of tear troughs and their contributing factors is crucial for those considering options to enhance the aesthetics of the under-eye region.


Tear trough treatments primarily address cosmetic concerns related to the under-eye area. The most common issues targeted by tear trough treatments include:


Hollow or Sunken Appearance: Tear troughs can result in a hollow or sunken appearance beneath the eyes, contributing to an overall tired or aged look. Treatments aim to replenish volume in this area, diminishing the hollow appearance and revitalising the face.


Dark Circles: Tear troughs often emphasise the presence of dark circles under the eyes. While dark circles can have various causes, including genetics and lifestyle factors, addressing tear troughs can help minimise the shadows and discolouration in this region.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The delicate skin around the eyes is prone to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Tear trough treatments, especially those involving dermal fillers, can help smooth out these lines, contributing to a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


Loss of Elasticity and Collagen: Ageing contributes to the decline of elasticity and collagen in the skin. Tear trough treatments can counteract these effects by restoring volume and promoting a firmer, more supple skin texture in the under-eye area.


General Facial Rejuvenation: While tear trough treatments specifically target the under-eye region, they also play a role in overall facial rejuvenation. By addressing hollows and dark circles, these treatments enhance the harmony and balance of facial features, fostering a more youthful and rested appearance.

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Dr Ahmed is not just a highly respected professional and one of the top cosmetic doctors in the country, but he is also a social media sensation. From winning numerous awards in the field, including The British Aesthetics Awards, Dr Ahmed has gone from contestant, finalist and winner to now judge of the Marie Claire Skin Awards with titles such as Forbes, Tatler, Vogue and Glamour praising his expert knowledge and service, propelling him into the spotlight.

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