Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are the wrinkles that appear when the nose is scrunched up. During youth, these lines tend to disappear and become gradually more pronounced as people age. This is because skin loses collagen and elasticity, making it harder for facial muscles to bounce back after any facial expressions.

It should be noted that some people are more likely to get bunny lines due to their genetics and the way they scrunch their faces up.

At The Aesthetics Doctor, we specialise in several anti ageing and anti wrinkle treatments, including treating bunny lines to help people feel more confident about their appearance.

bunny lines treatment

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Treatment Prices
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How many sessions are needed?

1 session needed and a top-up session may be required 2 weeks after initial treatment. This is free of charge.

How long does it take?

10 minutes 

What is the recovery time?

No recovery needed.

How long do results last?

3 – 6 months.

What Are Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines Botox treatment

Bunny lines are tiny creases around the nose. These small, diagonal wrinkles on both sides of the nose, usually appear more pronounced when you smile or laugh. As you get older, your bunny lines wrinkles may get more visible and deepen over time.

Bunny lines are pretty common and nothing to be ashamed of. There are several aesthetics treatments to minimise the appearance of nose wrinkles. Keep reading or get in touch with The Aesthetics Doctor to learn what you can do to minimise your bunny lines.

Is Botox for bunny lines safe?

An effective method for treating bunny lines involves using neuromuscular toxins like Botox to smooth out creases in the nose. Botulinum toxin is injected into the area to temporarily block the nerve signals that cause the facial contractions that lead to bunny lines.


As a non-invasive treatment, Botox injections are a fast procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. There are no incisions or general anaesthesia required. Once the procedure is done, you’ll be able to carry on with your regular activities and not have to worry about recovery time.

At The Aesthetic Doctor, You're in Safe Hands

A bunny lines Treatment can be a life-changing treatment to immediately improve the appearance of your skin and give you back all the confidence you need to feel beautiful.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we have already performed thousands of injectable procedures, and Dr Ahmed is constantly revolutionising and changing the beauty industry.


We pride ourselves on patient care and experience and we are always happy to welcome our patients to our clinics in London, Leeds, and Cheshire.


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