Tom Cruise’s New Face, A Mishap?

Tom, 59 years old, known for his boyish looks and Ethan Hunt action hero personality shook the world last week with what seems like a mix of a filler treatment and surgery gone wrong! 

Dermal fillers are the most frequently used products for face enhancement. They are generally well-tolerated, but any one of them may occasionally produce adverse side effects. Adverse effects usually last as long as the filler is in the skin, which means that short-lived fillers have short-term side effects and permanent fillers may induce life-long adverse effects. Fillers are hydrophilic in nature which means that they attract water which is one of the explanations for the swelling on his face. Dermal fillers if injected into the skin incorrectly can block arteries and create swelling and infection if it isn’t removed. 


We at The Aesthetics Doctor, make sure our procedures are safe and in fact, we even offer a Dissolving Filler Treatment that gives our patients the freedom to reverse the treatment if someone wants to make that change. This is a highly safe procedure as it uses a synthetic version of a naturally occurring enzyme, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the treatment is safe. The process is efficient and extremely quick, it’s done in a matter of minutes under the guidance of a trained cosmetic practitioner, and you should see visible results after 24 hours.

before treatment tom

What we see has gone wrong with Tom is an abuse of badly executed fillers and bad plastic surgery. Even though Tom has denied multiple times about going under the knife but we know that’s not true. The swelling around his neck indicates a platysmal plasty, or neck lift, combined with a mid-facelift that could create this type of swelling in this area. Our non-surgical neck lift is a type of non-invasive treatment that offers a safe procedure for a beautiful neckline. Botox is injected into the neck, pulling down the jawline, relaxing muscles, smoothing out the skin and creating a more vibrant appearance. It’s especially effective when reducing wrinkles in the neck area and sculpting the lower face. Compared to a traditional neck lift, there’s no need to spend days recovering and you’ll be able to continue with your regular schedule. You’ll also benefit from fast results and The Aesthetics Doctor specialises in this kind of neck lift treatment.


Well, let’s learn a thing or two from Tom and book safe procedures for our requirements! 

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after treatment tom