A Guide To Using Redensity 1 Skin Boosters

Looking after the skin is a vital part of a beauty regime, though there will be times when certain conditions develop. Ageing, dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines will have an impact on your body and these effects can be alleviated with the right treatment. Redensity 1 skin boosters are an excellent treatment method for a wide range of skin conditions. In this article, we’ll go into depth about what skin boosters are and how they can revitalise the skin.

Redensity 1 skin boosters explained

Skin boosters are an injectable treatment that can be used across different areas of the body to improve skin health. Common areas are the face, neck, hands and chest. 


The skin boosters contain a cocktail of rejuvenating ingredients that include hyaluronic acid, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins to smooth out wrinkles, add more volume and produce anti-ageing effects.

dull skin treatment

How do skin boosters work?

The treatment works by injecting the skin booster solution into a specific area of the body. Hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients and this stimulates the growth of new collagen, so the skin becomes rejuvenated over time.


What types of conditions does Redensity 1 help to treat?


  • Sun damage

  • Dry and dull skin

  • Sagging skin

  • Wrinkles

  • A loss of elasticity and collagen


What are the benefits of skin boosters?


  • A fast-acting treatment


Skin boosters are an ideal treatment if you’re looking for quick results. Only hours after the first session is completed you’ll start to see a change and the skin will appear visibly brighter.


  • Safety first


Skin boosters are a safe non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require any physical surgery to complete. You’ll be in the care of a skincare specialist who’ll guide you through all aspects of the procedure before and after.

In addition, there’s no long recovery time and you can carry on with your day-to-day activities after the treatment is done.


  • Personalised treatment


Everyone’s skin is unique and may need different approaches. Skin boosters can be personalised to your needs and spread out across different sessions to achieve your ideal look.

They can also be combined with other types of skincare treatment for longer-lasting results.

How much does Redensity 1 skin booster cost?


This type of skin booster costs £150 per 1 ml.


What other types of skin boosters are there?


An alternative to Redensity 1 is Volite skin boosters. While there’s not a huge amount of difference, Volite generally takes 1 session to complete, while Redensity may take between 1 – 3 sessions to see the final results.


Want to learn more about Skin Boosters?


As a versatile treatment, skin boosters could be the answer to eliminating dry skin or reducing the impact of wrinkles. From a high level of personalisation to producing fast results, there are many benefits to using the treatment and we can help you embrace them at The Aesthetics Doctor.

We offer high-quality cosmetic services across Leeds, Manchester and London and have the knowledge to provide you with a strong skincare regime. For more information, book a consultation with us today.

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