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It’s sadly a fact of life that as we get older, the two most prominent features of our face – our nose and our chin – start to take on appearances that we never noticed when we were younger. With the ageing process, we start to lose volume from the face and this natural process can reveal a disproportion between the prominence of the nose and that of the chin. What we once felt was a pleasing harmony, is not so pleasing and not so harmonious anymore.


While there’s rarely perfect symmetry between nose and chin, a disproportion in appearance and an unbalanced line between nose, lips and chin – made more obvious by a larger nose and an underdeveloped chin – can be resolved without the invasive surgery that was once the case.

The Treatment

The treatment available is called profiloplasty and is non-surgical. It focuses on maintaining the symmetry between your facial features and providing you with the solution if you wish your nose and chin were back in harmony with each other as they once were. The aesthetic doctor himself, Dr Ahmed El Muntasar recently featured in the prestigious Country and Town House magazine, explaining the benefits of profiloplasty, which he has been performing with immense success on his patients for almost five years.


The treatment begins with an initial consultation when we take a clear holistic approach and look carefully at all of the facial features and their relationship to each other, rather than the shape and condition of a particular feature. Once we know you are comfortable and happy with our proposed treatment, the process of re-creating your facial harmony can begin.


The Simplicity


Profiloplasty is performed safely in two simple procedures, keeping any possibility of pain involved to a minimum. The treatment on the nose can actually be a separate treatment in its own right and is called rhinoplasty. It involves using dermal fillers to straighten the bridge or lift and refine the tip. Dermal fillers are then injected at differing angles and depths along the chin and jawline in order to adjust the projection of the chin and regain the symmetry of your facial features.

This image displays a split comparison of two profile views of the same person, with the top image labeled as "before" and the bottom as "after". The treatment performed was Jawline Filler treatment.

The Outcome

We understand that respecting the existing anatomy of your face is essential and a priority throughout the procedure. Both the treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes and the results are immediate and entirely satisfying, reducing the need for rest afterwards and lasting up to 18 months. 


Dr El Muntasar has seen an increase in interest in this procedure, which he puts down to the fact that during the pandemic, we all become more aware of our appearance and how we see ourselves through using Zoom to communicate with family and work colleagues.


If you feel you would like your facial features to benefit from a realignment to restore their balance, then please do contact us. We are here to help and get you back to living in harmony once more.

before and after (nose)