24th April 2024

Non-Surgical Solutions for Profile Balancing

Sulaiman Sarwar

During the past two years, video calls became an important part of our personal and professional lives, while our social media profiles helped us to stay connected with loved ones and colleagues. Even with a return to the ‘new normal’, many of us have become concerned about facial flaws, which has led to an increased interest in profile balancing procedures.


Also known as profiloplasty or profile reshaping, the process aims to create the perfect facial proportions using one or more cosmetic procedures, which can be surgical or non-invasive. By combining treatments used in different areas of the face, clients can achieve a ‘more harmonious profile’ with ‘radiant, youthful results’.

Options for Non-Invasive Profiloplasty


Creating the ideal facial profile can involve treatments to the nose, chin, cheeks and brow. The size and shape of each area is determined by your bone structure and genetics but lifestyle can also have an impact, including injury, skin conditions and ageing, causing changes to face shape over time.


  • Nose: Bumps, bone irregularities and a lack of symmetry can make a nose look misshapen and affect the overall appearance. With non-surgical rhinoplasty, dermal filler ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are injected to help straighten the nasal bridge, conceal any lumps and lift the top of the nose to make it appear smaller, giving a more attractive look.


  • Chin: Genioplasty is the surgical option for changing the shape of the chin by removing bone from the jaw. A non-invasive alternative is to use chin augmentation, which involves injecting derma fillers into the skin to create depth and length for a smoother effect.


  • Cheeks: You might not realise it, but cheeks are key to your facial profile as they provide definition and frame the other features. As we grow older, fat pads in the cheeks can move and change, giving a tired and gaunt look. Cheek enhancement involves using dermal fillers above the cheekbone to stimulate collagen production, which can help to restore vitality.


  • Brow: As well as unwanted wrinkles, the structure of the brow can be affected over time. A non-surgical brow lift can help by elevating the eyebrows and adding definition. The first method uses Botox injections or bidirectional threading technology, while the second entails inserting a suture and using bidirectional thread cones to elevate the tissue in the face.


Finding the Best Treatment for Your Needs

As well as improving appearance and confidence, non-invasive profiloplasty procedures come with additional benefits. Compared to surgical treatments, injections are more affordable and can be administered quickly so you can fit them around other commitments. The results are often quicker too and can look more natural than surgery, as well as being suitable for the majority of clients.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we provide high end aesthetics procedures that achieve superb results without the need for surgery. For any questions about our profile balancing treatments or to book an appointment, get in touch with us on 07395 308112 or email info@theaestheticsdoctor.com.