Non-surgical face lifts London

Non-surgical face-lift treatments have emerged as a popular choice for those looking to achieve a youthful and rejuvenated look.

Among the leading practitioners in London, The Aesthetics Doctor aka Dr Ahmed stands out as a trusted name, offering exceptional non-surgical face-lift solutions tailored to individual needs.

Their approach is focused on understanding each patients unique concerns and crafting personalized treatment plans to address them effectively.

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Your non-surgical face lift in London

Before undergoing your non-surgical face-lift treatment at The Aesthetics Doctor, clients are provided with a thorough consultation.

During this initial assessment, Dr Ahmed will evaluate your concerns, examines your facial anatomy, and discusses desired outcomes. This ensures that the treatment plan is tailored to meet individual goals and expectations, leading to optimal results.

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At The Aesthetic Doctor, You're in Safe Hands

A chin augmentation can be a life-changing treatment to immediately improve the appearance of your skin and give you back all the confidence you need to feel beautiful.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we have already performed thousands of injectable procedures, and Dr Ahmed is constantly revolutionising and changing the beauty industry.


We pride ourselves on patient care and experience and we are always happy to welcome our patients to our clinics in London, Leeds, and Cheshire.


Book your Non-surgical face lift consultation today or request a call back to discuss your beauty concerns with our friendly staff.

Facial areas a non-surgical face lift can treat include:

- Cheeks
- Forehead
- Chin
- Mouth/Lips
- Nose
- Hollow Temples
- Eyebrows and Eyelids
- Crow’s Feet
- Jawline

During your non-surgical face-lift procedure at The Aesthetics Doctor, a suture is placed under the skin using a needle, held in place with bi-directional absorbable cones – this is then followed up with slight pressure applied on the treated area.

Non-surgical face lift before and after

The lifting effect of a non-surgical face lift is almost immediate, with the skin naturally regenerating over time through collagen production.

To give you a glimpse of the transformative possibilities, below are some truly stunning face-lift before and after images that showcases the ability of the treatment to breathe new life into a
patients facial features.

These visual representations provide tangible evidence of the exceptional outcomes achieved through their non-surgical treatments.


Benefits of a non-surgical face lift

Safe – non-surgical face-lift treatment incredibly safe, using threads made of polylactic acid (PLA) which have been used in world of aesthetics for years.

Non-invasive – it does what it says on the tin, non-surgical face lifts do not require surgery and take less time to recover than a traditional face lift.

Quick – the procedure itself isn’t just quick, so are the results, with visibly smoother skin evident after a short period of time.

Long-lasting – the effects of non-surgical face lifts are long-lasting.

Why choose The Aesthetics Doctor for your non-surgical face lift
treatment in London

The Aesthetics Doctor takes pride in their commitment to patient care and satisfaction.

The clinic provides a welcoming and comfortable environment where clients can feel at ease throughout the entire treatment process. Located in the heart of the world-famous Mayfair district
and just a stones throw away from Oxford Circus underground, the clinic is extremely accessible if you reside in or indeed outside of the capital.

Having cemented himself as a highly regarded aesthetics specialist in London, Dr Ahmed ensures that each client receives personalized attention, answering all their questions and addressing any

This dedication to exceptional patient care has earned The Aesthetics Doctor a loyal client base in London including celebrities and influencers.

Other treatments available at The Aesthetics Doctor clinic in London include:

- Ellanse
- Non-surgical rhinoplasty
- Tear trough filler
- LanLuma

Book your non-surgical face lift in London with The Aesthetics
Doctor today!

For those seeking non-surgical face-lift treatments in London, The Aesthetics Doctor can deliver natural-looking results that enhance facial contours and restore youthfulness.

So book your non-surgical face lift consultation at The Aesthetics Doctors London clinic today.

Alternatively, if you have any additional questions about non-surgical facelifts or any other treatments on offer at The Aesthetics Doctors London clinic, get in touch with us today.

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Dr Ahmed

Meet Dr Ahmed

Dr Ahmed is not just a highly respected professional and one of the top cosmetic doctors in the country, but he is also a social media sensation. From winning numerous awards in the field, including The British Aesthetics Awards, Dr Ahmed has gone from contestant, finalist and winner to now judge of the Marie Claire Skin Awards with titles such as Forbes, Tatler, Vogue and Glamour praising his expert knowledge and service, propelling him into the spotlight.

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