How To Combat Hyperhidrosis

When it comes to body conditions, hyperhidrosis has the potential to be a distressing condition, due to its involuntary nature and the mental pressure it can put on someone. Also known as excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects people all over the world and in this article, we’ll explore the best treatment methods and how to stop it.


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What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that involves extreme sweating and isn’t limited to the armpits. Excessive sweating may happen across multiple areas of the body, including the arms, hands, legs, shoulders and neck.


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How to stop hyperhidrosis

There are several ways to combat heavy sweating and we’ve listed some of the most popular treatments below:


Hyperhidrosis toxin injections


A fast-acting cosmetic hyperhidrosis treatment is to inject botulinum toxin into the sweat glands. A non-invasive procedure, it involves transferring the toxin with a needle to temporarily paralyse the sweat glands.


There are many advantages to this kind of hyperhidrosis treatment, including being effective across all areas of the body, not requiring a long recovery time and producing long-lasting results of up to 12 months.




In a case that involves treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis, you may be recommended a medical solution such as antiperspirant cream. When using this type of medication, cream is applied to the skin and your sweat dissolves the antiperspirant particles and absorbs them into the pores. This results in the pores being temporarily blocked.


Be aware that prescription antiperspirants contain aluminium chloride, which may act as an irritant to the skin.


Oral pills


Another medical hyperhidrosis treatment is to be prescribed oral medication that features compounds like glycopyrrolate. When taking these pills, be cautious of side effects like dizziness and dry mouth.


Causes of hyperhidrosis


Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down, with your nervous system automatically triggering your sweat glands.


But in certain instances, the sweat glands may be out of control, and this can lead to two sweat based conditions called primary focal and secondary hyperhidrosis.


Primary hyperhidrosis is the result of overactive sweat glands and could be caused by genetics or increased nervousness. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by existing medical conditions, such as:


  • Menopause

  • Diabetes

  • Low blood sugar

  • Infections

  • Heart attacks


Which is the best hyperhidrosis treatment for me?


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating underarm hyperhidrosis and other affected areas of the body. It’s important to consult a professional when thinking about your options.


As a skincare specialist, Dr Ahmed provides hyperhidrosis treatment in Leeds, London and Cheshire and he’s on hand to answer any specific questions you have.


From a cosmetic perspective, we recommend botulinum toxin injections because of the nature of the procedure and the ease with which it’s carried out. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that it’s a safe, quick process that doesn’t require any physical surgery.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we’re able to carry out hyperhidrosis toxin injection treatment in one 30-minute session. Costing £400, the treatment results last up to 12 months and there isn’t any recovery time needed.

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