How Social Media Can Support Patient-Centered Care: An Interview With Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar

While social media has become an integral element of nearly every industry, there’s one area where it’s been slower to make inroads: medicine.

How Social Media Can Support Patient-Centered Care

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar began his medical career in clinical research, focusing on patient safety. After spending some time as a doctor in a hospital setting and exploring plastic surgery, that interest in safety led him to focus on alternative, non-surgical methods of reaching patients’ aesthetic goals—methods that required less downtime and far less risk to the patient. Today, he runs an aesthetic medical clinic, Dr. Ahmed Aesthetics, with three locations throughout the U.K. and maintains a list of high-profile clientele. One of the most important ways he’s grown his practice is through Instagram—he’s found that it’s not only been an effective way to market his practice but connect with his patients as well.


Read Dr Ahmed interview for Forbes.com and learn more about his journey and his career.

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