Facial rejuvenation treatments at The Aesthetics Doctor

Dr. Ahmed, also known as the Aesthetics Doctor, is a highly skilled medical professional specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. A well-renowned and highly respected practitioner in the world of aesthetics years of experience and expertise, Dr Ahmed offers a wide range of dermal fillers tailored to suit each individual’s needs. So if you feel like you may require some facial rejuvenation, you can learn more about the extensive collection of facial rejuvenation treatments provided by The Aesthetics Doctor from his clinics in London, Leeds and Manchester.

Cheek enhancement

Providing definition and framing for other facial features, the cheeks are a hugely important aspect of your face. However, like it does with everything, ageing can affect your cheeks' appearance over time, leading to a tired and gaunt appearance.


Lucky for you, Dr Ahmed provides non-invasive and tailored treatment options that can reverse such effects – injected just above your cheekbones, these dermal fillers, which include hyaluronic acid (a collagen stimulant) combat the effects of ageing, restoring the vitality in your face. If you want to learn more about The Aesthetics Doctors cheek enhancement treatment, you can by clicking here.

b/a chin augmentation

Chin Augmentation

A receding or weak chin that distorts and stretches the face can often bring on feelings of stress and anxiety for some – however, several procedures can sculpt the lower sections of your face, with The Aesthetics Doctor specialising in non-surgical chin augmentation. Like cheek enhancements, non-surgical chin augmentations involve injecting dermal fillers into the skin, adding depth and length to your chin.


Now compared to a surgical chin augmentation (genioplasty), non-surgical chin augmentations are non-invasive and incredibly fast-acting – plus did we mention a hell of a lot cheaper than the surgical alternative? If you’re interested in receiving a chin augmentation, you can learn more about the treatment by clicking here.

chin augmentation b/a

Additional face rejuventation treatments available at The Aesthetics Doctor

Lip Fillers


There are many factors that can affect the shape and appearance of a persons lips.


Lip fillers provide your lips with added definition to the mouth – promoting a more youthful aesthetic.


A variety of lip fillers can be used to plump the lips, including permanent silicone fillers and fat transfer lip injections, however Dr Ahmed opts to provide dermal fillers only.


Not only is this because dermal fillers provide the most effective results, but it also due to the fact that dermal fillers, particularly when concerning lip enhancements, are the safest option on the market.


Injected gradually to achieve the desired results, lip fillers are simply a must when seeking full facial rejuvenation.


You can find out about The Aesthetics Doctors lip filler treatments in more detail by clicking here.

Jawline filler


The jawline determines the overall look of the face, providing shape and definition.


Jawline filler with The Aesthetics Doctor has a number of positive effects on your jawline area, without the need for surgery.


These benefits include:

  • Contouring the jawline, giving it a sharper appearance
  • Creating a more balanced and oval-looking jawline
  • Reducing the effects of ageing in the lower face
  • Balancing any asymmetry in the jaw area


Its important to note that jawline fillers are FDA approved and once strategically placed underneath your skin, they will provide a stronger foundation and a more balanced facial aesthetic.


You can learn more about jawline filler treatment at The Aesthetics Doctor by clicking here.


Full facial rejuvenation at The Aesthetics Doctor clinics in London, Manchester and Leeds

So if you are in need of facial rejuvenation, whatever the treatment may be, why not get in touch with Dr Ahmed, one of the most highly regarded names in the Aesthetics industry.


The Aesthetics Doctors unparalleled attention to detail is what has earnt him the legion of thousands of happy clients eager to share their positive experiences.


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