Ellanse or Profhilo – Treatments to Enhance Your Appearance

It is reassuring to know a number of treatments are available when you feel the time has come for you and your skin to receive some care and attention. At the Aesthetics Doctor, we understand how important it is to be able to provide our clients with the latest in skin enhancement procedures, so we offer wide range of options to suit you and your wishes.


However, it is fair to say through his vast knowledge and experience The Aesthetics Doctor Dr Ahmed actually has his own preferences when it comes to enabling you to feel revitalised in mind and body with your new look. Ellanse and Profhilo are two such procedures that successfully address in different methods the desired improvements that you want to see in the appearance of your skin.

Profhilo – Moisturises but Does Not Act as a Filler

Profhilo revitalises the appearance of your skin on your face by introducing hyaluronic acid to act as a hydrator, giving your skin moisture, firmness and a healthy sheen. Although application is through injection, Profhilo does not however add volume, so your profile and symmetry remain the same.


The treatment is appropriate for men or women who want to address ageing and loosening skin tissue on the face and neck. However, unlike Ellanse, Profhilo only lasts up to six months and is injected into five specific areas of the face in two treatment sessions.

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Ellanse for Reducing the Ageing Look

It is no small wonder then that Dr Ahmed favours the Ellanse treatment as it does an amazing job in dealing with the impact of the anti-ageing process. Ellanse not only adds volume to the face but is also a fast-acting biostimulator of collagen, which is a vital compound in the skin that keeps it looking young and wrinkle-free.


The treatment boosts collagen growth, enabling the skin to regain elasticity and smoothness. Ellanse is also injected into the skin, but unlike Profhilo, the treatment is completed in one simple and swift session with the results lasting between two and five years.

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Consulting with The Aesthetics Doctor

You may feel you have some tough decisions to make about the type of treatment that you want. However, you will not be making them on your own. Dr Ahmed is an award-winning aesthetics doctor, who is able to listen, advise and make your wishes a reality. The first step is to arrange a consultation when you will be able to explain to him how you feel about your appearance and the changes you would like to make. You will also have the opportunity to raise any concerns you may have about the treatment and what happens afterwards.


Dr Ahmed’s ethos is all about providing high quality professional patient care and offering the right treatment in a safe and reassuring environment. If you would like to know more, then just get in contact to arrange a consultation, The Aesthetics Doctor would be delighted to hear from you.

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