Ellanse for the Hands: How Long Does Hand Rejuvenation Last?

We often think it’s our faces that will be the first part of our bodies to reveal signs of ageing but, in fact, our hands are just as quick to remind us that we’re not as young as we used to be. Dry and wrinkly skin, blotchy patches and the appearance of veins on the hands are all telltale signs of ageing.


The thought of having to treat wrinkly hands can be stressful but the process is actually more straightforward than you might think. At The Aesthetics Doctor, we offer a high-quality hand rejuvenation treatment that works fast to improve the condition of your hands, leaving them looking nourished and revitalised, and your nerves calmed.

Why Choose Ellanse Filler For Your Hands?

Using the Ellanse hand rejuvenation treatment will leave your hands feeling smooth and healthy and will banish those self-conscious thoughts you may have had about how they once looked. Ellanse has many advantages. It is safe and versatile as it uses the same medical polymers that have been around for years in the profession. The application process is non-invasive and quick so, as there’s no physical surgery, recovery time is rapid.


Choosing Ellanse as the treatment for wrinkly hands also makes good sense when it comes to cost and your budget. The Ellanse filler is value for money, requiring only a small amount to help your body produce more collagen to tackle the signs of ageing. And while there are side effects after treatment, any bruising and redness are only temporary and last for around 24 hours. Overall Ellanse is less likely to result in lasting and severe complications than normal fillers.

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How Long Do Hand Fillers Last?

While we measure side effects in hours, we can talk about the benefits of the Ellanse hand rejuvenation treatment in years. The natural-looking results when wrinkles disappear from your hands and your skin is smoother and fuller can last from 19 months to up to five years, which is an impressive length of time compared to other dermal fillers for hands. Equally impressive is the fact that the collagen-stimulating benefits are equally long-lasting and can continue for up to five years.


If you are a person who has concerns about the appearance of their hands and the growing signs of ageing, then the Ellanse treatment could be the ideal solution for you. Here at The Aesthetic Doctor, we would be delighted if you were to get in touch with us to discuss undergoing this impressive and effective hand rejuvenation treatment.