Give Your Behind a Boost with LanLuma Non-Surgical Bum Lift

The LanLuma Bum Lift

Summer is upon us and customers are coming to us for help with their beach body look. Whether you want a plumper or more shapely bottom, or require us to correct your ‘hip dips’, we are on hand to provide you with our knowledge and skills to ensure you feel your most confident during these summer months and beyond. Give your buttocks a much-needed boost with our LanLuma bio-stimulating treatments. These injections will increase volume, smooth out skin depressions and help improve its overall texture. This revolutionary approach to skin care, will help you achieve a younger looking appearance.  


LanLuma is a biodegradable, injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) dermal filler. Unlike other fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which simply fills areas up with hyaluronic acid; PLLA actually boosts your body’s own collagen production. The formula goes deep into the skin and stimulates your collagen growth which means the effects are longer-lasting. This is because, unlike HA, LanLuma doesn’t just fill. There are two types of LanLuma injections, LanLuma V and X. LanLuma V is prescribed for the face and hands while the latter is recommended for larger parts of the body like the buttocks and calves.

lanluma before after

Is LanLuma Treatment Pain Free?


There is a small level of discomfort with the injections and patients describe it as ‘slightly uncomfortable’. The treatment is minimally invasive and depending on the desired outcome combined with your body’s reaction to the treatment, you may require one to four sessions over the course of a few months.   

Is Lanluma Treatment Safe?


LanLuma is a natural, bio-compatible product and therefore is easily tolerated by our bodies and very safe to use. All of our treatments are carried out by a cosmetics expert who’ll be able to answer all your questions and take you through each step of the process from start to finish. The LanLuma injection has been used in cosmetic field for years and is also used for surgical procedures in hospitals for over 30 years.

What results can you expect from a Lanluma Bum Lift?


The results of a LanLuma bum lift can be seen almost immediately, depending on your body’s own reaction to the treatment. Optimum results can be seen after 2-4 weeks of recovery time. After your LanLuma injections you should notice that your once flat or saggy buttocks have been given a natural looking lift. The texture of your skin will improve, it will look tighter and smoother; reducing dimples and creases, whilst improving the shape and volume of your bottom. After treatment, most patients are fine to go back to their daily lives and activities. The results of your LanLuma fillers could last between 2-5 years. A LanLuma filler can turn back the clock and bring back those lost years in a safe and non-surgical way. 


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we specialise in providing LanLuma treatment and can provide in-depth advice and guidance on the procedure. Request a call back with The Aesthetics Doctor today to learn more