How to Look Beautiful for Christmas: 6 Essential Aesthetics Treatments

No matter how many gifts are sitting under the tree: the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself is to feel beautiful and confident. Makeup, manicure, and the perfect hairstyle are all perfect treats, but what about giving yourself the gift of long-lasting confidence, healthy glowing skin and body positivity?


At The Aesthetics Doctor, patients are at the heart of our clinic. Dr Ahmed, award-winning aesthetics doctor, has identified the 6 essential Christmas aesthetics treatments to let your skin glow this winter!

Let Your Skin Glow

If you want your Christmas make-up to shine, you first need to prepare your skin well in advance. The cold, dry winter air can be your skin’s worst enemy. Cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, which in turn slows down your oil glands and sweat and deprive your skin of its natural protection. The only way to avoid dried out, dull, flaky skin is to moisturise regularly.


However, in some cases, a good moisturiser may not be enough. Luckily, there are plenty of risk-free treatments to help your skin be radiant in time for Christmas.


Skin-boosters, for example, are fast-acting injectable treatments rich in essential nutrients, hyaluronic acid and amino acids. Skin boosters are used to give your skin a boost in hydration and vitamins while reducing fine lines. Redensity 1 is the most popular Skin Booster, designed to help your skin recover from sun damage, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity and collagen.


Give Yourself the Gift of Smoother Skin for Christmas

Christmastime is when we should all take some time off and spend more time with our beloved ones, but it can also be a very stressful time. Stress, sun damage, age and even genetics can be the cause of those deep creases between your lower eyelid and upper cheek. They cast a shadow right below your eyes, which results in a tired appearance.


If you want to make your skin look younger, brighter and less tired for Christmas, tear trough fillers can be the perfect solution, These are injected into your undereye area and, thanks to the strong and natural action of hyaluronic acid, they reduce dark circles, remove any hollowness and stimulate collagen production to improve your skin appearance.


Get in touch with The Aesthetics Doctor to find out all the benefits of tear trough fillers.

Before and after of a woman having now received tear trough filler treatment

Find a new Balance with Profile Slimming


If you don’t like the shape of your jaw and you want to look beautiful for Christmas or just naturally change your appearance, you can try profile balancing.


At The Aesthetics Doctor, we specialise in a range of face treatments, including jaw slimming. This involves injecting Botox to relax the masseter muscles, reducing the fullness of the jaw area. Another solution to alter your square jaw and boost your confidence in time for Christmas can be jaw fillers. These are injected into the skin to give the jaw more structure, reduce the signs of ageing and stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


If you want to improve your appearance for Christmas by adding more definition to your lower face, you can also consider chin fillers.


Want to learn more about the best ways to prepare for the holiday season with the right aesthetic treatments? Get in touch with The Aesthetics Doctor to book your bespoke consultation!


Keep Protecting Against UV Rays


Winter days are grey, and the sun is hiding, but UV rays are there just the same. In some cases, this can be even more dangerous than in summer, because you are more likely to expose your skin to sunlight without protection for longer.


Obagi Sun-Protectors are a range of professional products to protect and preserve your skin against the effect of sun exposure. They contain micronized zinc oxide, which protects your skin and keeps it moisturised, and makes it immediately look brighter and smoother. Want to find out more? Book a bespoke consultation at The Aesthetics Doctor for more details about our range of professional products.